Tracy A. Schneider brings her fine arts training and passion of interior architecture to your project with detailing that is carefully designed and crafted to create a frame and backdrop to the selected furnishings for your home. Her philosophy is to begin with a solid architectural setting. She adds to this foundation so that each chosen element builds upon the previous layer, becoming a cohesive blend within the entire home. Tracy believes a well-designed interior appears to be effortless, yet is fully developed. She understands her clients need her expertise to bring all the elements of their design together.

The hallmark of her design firm is the quality of her team and she utilizes their ability to collaborate and provide expert craftsmanship and professionalism. When you work with her full-service design firm, you receive the highest level of service so that every detail is handled on your behalf, allowing you to enjoy the results without attending to the inevitable challenges.

When you want a well-designed home and an approachable design team, you will want to work with Tracy Schneider Design.

Tracy A. Schneider